Activity Exchange

We are now using web-based communication and information exchange system. This system, known as "Activity Exchange", is a communications tool designed for all AIVC clubs and is currently used by 20 clubs. Activity Exchange enables clubs to:

Provide members with up-to-date lists of events (including last minute events not included in the monthly Newsletter).

Share events with other IVCs.

Permit club members to submit entries directly to Activity Exchange. This facility is now available to all members to submit activities from March 2014 onwards. The Events Co-ordinator will also add events if you do not have email access.

Display photographs of club events.

Security of the system is provided by means of passwords which are changed each month and only available to members with an email address registered with the Club.

Activity Exchange for our Club has been used by our club since 1st March 2014 The website can be found at:

Numerous events take place each week among the 45 or so IVC Clubs around the country. As mentioned earlier in this bulletin around 20 clubs actively use Activity Exchange ( and a detailed listing of events for these clubs can be accessed from this website.

However most clubs' lists will be "private" so that it would be necessary to phone a club contact number to obtain further information. With access to the internet available in public libraries, internet cafes or your own laptop + a Wi-Fi point, you should be able to see what's on in other IVCs, no matter where you are in the country!

A guide to adding events to Activity Exchange can be seen by Clicking on this link GUIDE