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Book Review Evening 'A Life Like other people's' by Allan Bennett


This was my first experience of running a book review.

Whilst reading I was aware I would be posing questions for the meeting, I found I wasn't reading in as fluid a way as normal , so I am looking forward to reading the book again without the interruptions of pausing to write notes.

Even so. . . I enjoyed the honesty, and the way it was written, as in 'Plain English'. I found the book enlightening and enjoyed discovering Alan's background & family life which brought him to 'life' for me. I personally found his family life reminded me of my own and I felt it portrayed the 'ordinary' life of Alan Bennett and his family. Below are some of the questions I thought might be worth discussing during the evening.

Was the book what you expected/

Did you find it a quick read, if not, why not?

Did you find the title 'A life like other people's' portrayed the book contents?

What are your most poignant memories from the book?

Did it relate to your own life?

Why did he write his memoirs?

What are the most important relationships in the book?

Has reading the book altered your opinion\view of him as a person?

Thank you to the members who attended and making it an enjoyable 'first' for me. Please use the contact form

/webmaster.htm to email your comments, (including members who couldn't make the meeting but would like to join in), to be included in the next bulletin and included in the website.